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In defense of Robert George

The most common, and perhaps most valid, criticism of Robert George after his dialogue on campus with Cornel West was that he did not answer our questions. I believe we are not in a position to fault George for this, as our questions did not answer his talk. George and West came to campus to… Keep Reading

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Open letter to Robert George

Dear Robert George, I spoke to you at the lecture you gave the other day with Cornel West in the Quaker Meeting House at Swarthmore. I was the young man in the first row who asked you what it would take to change your mind about queer people and gay marriage. You didn’t really give… Keep Reading


Full inclusion now: a response to Robert George

Professors Cornel West and Robert George ’77 came to campus on Monday, February 10th, to discuss the meaning of the liberal arts and to model respectful dialogue across the ideological spectrum. In spite of their many moral and political differences, both men emphasized their intellectual respect for and ongoing friendship with one another. They discussed… Keep Reading


It’s not the ‘Same Love,’ and that’s okay

There are a number of problems with Briana Cox’s January 30 article, “Controversies of Billboard’s Top 10.” Perhaps I’m just socially conscious to an exasperating degree, an accusation that Cox has leveled at music critics in 2013, but I believe that the writer could benefit from listening more carefully to those who have criticized Macklemore… Keep Reading


Not enough professors to go around

Over the past week, I have attended several department information sessions in preparation for the sophomore plan. More than any of the requirements, recommendations and advice on the proper way to explain a major choice to disapproving family members, what has stuck with me is the feeling that there are not enough professors to go… Keep Reading


God, privilege and thankfulness

The hardest thing for me to grasp in my religious questioning, even today, is the idea of inferiority, smallness and lack of control. As I grew up, I would proudly hoist up my accomplishments with pride. My mother would remind me to say “Alhamdulillah,” or “Praise be to God,” after what I thought was a… Keep Reading


Still waiting for justice

A couple of weeks ago, Dean Braun asked for community feedback about the College Judiciary Committee (CJC) process. Although I am grateful that she is open to feedback, I don’t know how the community can respond to her request when the process has been largely hidden from the public eye. So, in response, I write… Keep Reading


The sweet taste of corporatism

As Congress debates the farm bill this week, one could celebrate the legislation’s productivity by drinking Mexican Sprite, which boasts a refreshingly crisp taste. A look at the ingredients will enlighten — they are made with pure cane sugar. Mexican carbonated drinks contain sugar while American sodas have high-fructose corn syrup. The problem is political… Keep Reading

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