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SPJP responds to “Stand With Us” lecture

Last Sunday, two Israeli Defense Forces soldiers spoke at Swarthmore on behalf of the Israeli Soldiers Stories campaign from Stand With Us, a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform the public about Israel, combat anti-Semitism, and to stand up for Israel. Members from Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP) who participated in… Keep Reading


Why endowment policy needs community input

In Swarthmore College’s response (Suzanne Welsh, The Phoenix, March 27, 2014) to my op-ed concerning endowment spending (Peter Collings, The Phoenix, March 20, 2014), the College admits to an intentional endowment spending policy “lower than many other institutions.” The response then goes on to say: “This discipline in the past has served the current generation… Keep Reading


Leveraging institutional power

As we look back on the last 150 years of Swarthmore, we might ask: what will Swarthmore look like in 150 years? At its sesquicentennial, Swarthmore can claim a long history of envisioning a better world. Founder Lucretia Mott envisioned a world without slavery. Alice Paul envisioned a world where women could vote. In working… Keep Reading


The inequity of Swarthmore’s endowment, revisited

I have been asked specific questions as a result of my op-ed concerning intergenerational inequity and Swarthmore’s endowment spending (The Phoenix, March 20, 2014, page 2). This short note contains a bit more data and as a result illustrates the issue more clearly. The solid line on the graph shows the endowment return on investment… Keep Reading


Uncovering the details of student activism

Historically, student activism has played a key role in shaping the Swarthmore of today, and must continue if student concerns and interests are to be advanced. It is the role of Student Council to support and promote student interests — and a historical perspective on student activism is among these. Students of the future need… Keep Reading


How Swarthmore invests: a response to Peter Collings

I write in response to Peter Collings’ open letter, “The Inequity of Swarthmore’s Endowment Spending.” I am often called on to explain why we are not spending more freely from the endowment. For many of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities, endowment totals appear astoundingly high. At Swarthmore College, the endowment stood at $1.6… Keep Reading


The inequity of Swarthmore’s endowment: An open letter to the Swarthmore College community

Recently a committee of the Board of Managers refused a subcommittee’s request that extremely limited forms of divestment be discussed. Surprised by this, I decided to find out just what Swarthmore’s financial policies are. One aspect of what I discovered disturbs me deeply, compelling me to make sure the Swarthmore community is aware of it. As posted on… Keep Reading

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