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Letter to the Editor: September 20, 2012

To the Editor: I am writing in response to Rendering Swarthmore Politics. Danielle Charette made sweeping claims with no substantiation. I cannot speak to Ms. Charette’s personal experiences on campus as a politically conservative student but I can say that I have taken an American history course every year for the past three years and… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor: KONY 2012

Letter to the Editor: Robert Fain ’14 Hello Phoenix, The poll for this week asks whether the “Kony 2012” campaign has enough power to generate real action in efforts to rid Uganda of Joseph Kony and the LRA. I believe this kind of yes or no question does not address the critical issues of the… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Letter to the Editor: Town Center West Project

The article on the Town Center West (the inn) Project presented a decidedly one-sided picture of the issue. (“Inn Project Begins, Debate Continues”, The Phoenix, October 6, 2011.) In choosing to focus almost exclusively on comments by those who are opposed to the project, the paper neglects to include the views of the majority of… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Letter to the Editor: Strategic Planning costs

By Garikai Campbell Dear Editors, First, I would like to commend you and the members of the Phoenix staff for covering the recently released update, “Strategic Directions for Swarthmore College,” in your news article on September 8. This is a critical stage in the strategic planning process, and we on the Strategic Planning Council are… Keep Reading

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