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Macroeconomic illiteracy

In his February 24th article, “A critique of the Federal Reserve System,” Eric Yao provides some seriously disturbing, frankly catastrophic, prescriptions for central banking in the United States. In his critique, Yao channels century-old Austrian economic theories that are unfortunately still espoused by a conservative minority. While it is hardly a point of contention that… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Rape-related graffiti article concerning

We are glad that the Phoenix covered the rape-related graffiti found in the lodge basements. However, we are concerned about the nature of its coverage. Firstly, a “trigger warning” should have been added, rather than starting the article with the words “Rape dungeon.” Secondly, we are disappointed that a good portion of the article seemed… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor

I am frustrated and saddened at the level of disrespect the Swarthmore community showed alum Robert Zoellick ’75, resulting in his withdrawing from speaking at Commencement. To my mind, the issue at stake here has nothing to do with Zoellick’s politics. Whether or not he had anything to do with starting the Iraq war, whether… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Letter to the Editor: September 20, 2012

To the Editor: I am writing in response to Rendering Swarthmore Politics. Danielle Charette made sweeping claims with no substantiation. I cannot speak to Ms. Charette’s personal experiences on campus as a politically conservative student but I can say that I have taken an American history course every year for the past three years and… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor: KONY 2012

Letter to the Editor: Robert Fain ’14 Hello Phoenix, The poll for this week asks whether the “Kony 2012” campaign has enough power to generate real action in efforts to rid Uganda of Joseph Kony and the LRA. I believe this kind of yes or no question does not address the critical issues of the… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Letter to the Editor: Town Center West Project

The article on the Town Center West (the inn) Project presented a decidedly one-sided picture of the issue. (“Inn Project Begins, Debate Continues”, The Phoenix, October 6, 2011.) In choosing to focus almost exclusively on comments by those who are opposed to the project, the paper neglects to include the views of the majority of… Keep Reading

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