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Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Advice to Mountain Justice supporters

Last week’s editorial was a ringing endorsement for Mountain Justice’s calls for escalation. The Phoenix’s editorial board joined in the popular criticism of the Board of Managers, describing Mountain Justice as a group of students who have “invested substantial time in learning about the issue of divestment” and the Board as “wasting [Mountain Justice’s] time… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor

Lang Scholars misrepresented by editorial

As current Lang Opportunity Scholars, we wish to respond to the Phoenix’s editorial, “Lang Scholars Program Must Change.” While the Lang Opportunity Scholarship program is not perfect, the editorial was misinformed in several ways. First, the Phoenix argued that LOS should fund projects in the area surrounding Swarthmore. Many LOS projects take place in Chester,… Keep Reading

Crum Creek Meander prompts creative engagement

To the editor: In the recent editorial titled “The Problem with Crum Creek Meander,” Phoenix editors implied that Stacy Levy’s sculpture is deficient because it has inspired pranks and some students dismissed it as a “carwash.” Rather than wish there to be no difference of opinion, I see here an opportunity to learn more. In… Keep Reading

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