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Letter to the Editor - page 3

Crum Creek Meander prompts creative engagement

To the editor: In the recent editorial titled “The Problem with Crum Creek Meander,” Phoenix editors implied that Stacy Levy’s sculpture is deficient because it has inspired pranks and some students dismissed it as a “carwash.” Rather than wish there to be no difference of opinion, I see here an opportunity to learn more. In… Keep Reading

The meaning of intergenerational equality: The impressive resilience, growth and impact of Swarthmore’s endowment

To the editor, As an alum and an independent school finance officer, I read with great interest Peter Collings’ two op-ed pieces and Suzanne Welsh’s response on Swarthmore’s endowment spending. They have raised interesting questions about the meaning of intergenerational “equity,” but they have not hit the nail squarely on its head. Intergenerational equity is… Keep Reading

In defense of introductory courses

To the editor:  Your recent editorial about co-taught introductory courses (“Bias 101”, March 20, 2014) suggests that professors from one academic sub-discipline bias introductory courses by emphasizing the doctrine or methodology of that sub-discipline at the expense of alternative perspectives. While some professors certainly do privilege their own subfields, many are also excellent at providing… Keep Reading

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