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Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Letter to the Editor: your vote matters

To the Editor of the Phoenix: Many of us from the classes of 1964 and ’65 were involved in the Civil Rights struggles to end second-class citizenship for African-Americans. Today as we contemplate the presidential election, we would like to urge all members of the Swarthmore community to recognize that the candidacy of Donald Trump… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor/Opinions

Why some CS majors aren’t doing Honors

In its Nov 5 edition, the Phoenix published an article about the decline in Honors participation across Swarthmore, claiming it correlates with an increase in participation in the natural sciences. In particular, computer science was named twice as a department contributing to the decline. As two students studying in the natural sciences who considered, but… Keep Reading

In favor of the sit-in

To the Editor: Gail and I met on our first day of orientation at Swarthmore and have been married almost 49 years. Although we don’t agree on everything, we both feel that our alma mater needs to divest from fossil fuel investments. We strongly support the students who are sitting in and would probably be… Keep Reading

Willingham on frats

As I read DU’s opinion piece in the Phoenix last week, I quickly turned from curiosity to confusion as the bulk of the letter veered dramatically —some would say laughably— away from what it set out to do at the beginning.  DU juxtaposed the outrageously racist conduct of Oklahoma’s SAE chapter with their own model,… Keep Reading

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