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False God: Reagan and the Republican primaries

Whew! Anybody else have whiplash from the Republican presidential primary? Republican voters, desperately throwing themselves into the Anybody But Mitt project, are cycling though candidates like drunk Swatties go through Paces hook ups. Strong opposition to Romney, who signed health care reform that made Massachusetts the state with the most insured citizens, was clear from… Keep Reading

Occupy Wall Street Perspective: Protestors spark necessary dialogue

Why are conservatives so afraid of Occupy Wall Street? Their reaction certainly indicates they are afraid: they are breaking out the well-worn ideological hyperboles they’ve used as crutches since our parents’ parents were our age. Republican flavor-of-the-month Herman Cain wrote that the protesters should “get a job” while Wall Street cash king Mitt Romney said… Keep Reading

Occupy Wall Street Perspective: Occupiers falsely place blame on corporations instead of politicians

As I wandered off my train at South Street Station last week, Occupy Boston was in full-swing. Exploring the makeshift headquarters, I witnessed a spectrum of left-leaning causes. On display were the anticipated Workers Party leaflets, along with literature about “corporate greed,” a statue of Gandhi, some colorful bike racks, teacher’s unions, a Buddhist campsite,… Keep Reading

Occupy Wall Street Perspective: Occupy movement is progressively pursuing legitimate change

Something remarkable is happening in American politics. Three years after a financial crisis that delegitimized the parochial right-wing ideology of deregulation and ‘let the rich rule’ economics, Americans are voicing outrage at the chronic infection of money in our political system. By putting its finger on this unspoken fact of American politics, Occupy Wall Street… Keep Reading

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