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Nothing to Declare

Nothing to Declare

After Chapel Hill, conflating anti-theism and atheism

One week ago, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a man named Craig Stephen Hicks shot and killed three of his neighbors in a condominium parking lot. While many people insist that this was simply a dispute over parking that ended in unnecessary violence, there’s are also people who insist that this was a religious hate… Keep Reading

Commentary about ‘Selma’ heralds diversity over merit

It’s Oscars season again, which, of course, means that the internet is buzzing with arguments over award snubs. This year’s main obligatory controversy over Oscar nominations concerns the film “Selma,” by up-and-coming director Ava DuVernay. It’s a civil rights film portraying Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers’ historic march from Selma to Montgomery. A… Keep Reading

Is it wrong not to care about Ebola?

According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, almost half of Americans have a fear of contracting Ebola. The one thing staving off my absolute cynicism is that, while there are still stories about the terrifying dangers of Ebola, there is also no shortage of commentaries stating exactly what’s wrong with this situation. The two… Keep Reading

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