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Lectures highlight development, perspective

Development is an axiom of economic theory, the holy grail for policymakers around the world, the criterion by which nations are placed in the “3rd world.” Its significance is tacitly recognized in the United States, where the media treats the growth rate of the economy as a key yardstick of the country’s wellbeing. Throughout this… Keep Reading

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Speaker addresses radio journalism, WNR reflects

Charles Mayer, a 1998 Swarthmore graduate, came to campus on Monday to speak about his long-standing career in NPR News. He met with several different groups of students throughout the day to talk about careers, internships and the job process (specifically in radio journalism) and his experience as a Luce Scholar in Mongolia. Mayer also… Keep Reading

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‘Did You Know’ questions faculty diversity at college

In the past months, the enigmatic “Did You Know?” group has taken to periodically posting information sheets in the McCabe bathroom stalls amongst other campus locations, ostensibly as part of a strategy to stimulate greater discussion on issues of diversity within the Swarthmore community. The most recent postings address the racial makeup of the Tri-Co… Keep Reading

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TEDx talk engages community, brings ideas

After a year of planning, TEDxSwarthmore went off last Saturday without a hitch. With a crew of volunteers in place and a huge TEDxSwarthmore logo crafted by the LPAC crew sitting confidently on stage, the event’s planners and speakers were able to sit back and absorb the ideas being floated around the Pearson-Hall Theatre as… Keep Reading

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Prof. Tierney debuts Iran War Clock

Drawing on the iconic imagery of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock, Associate Professor of Political Science Dominic Tierney’s Iran War Clock has placed the odds of war in the Middle East at essentially the flip of a coin, or approximately 48%. The clock was launched on March 8 as a feature on… Keep Reading

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