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Sex and the Swattie

Sex and the Swattie

  Hi, friends. This is a sex column, and I’m going to be talking about sex today, but not as a good thing. I’ve had a very unhealthy relationship, often addiction-like, with sex, that I still sometimes fight to overcome. This column is going to be about that, and how I fell into it, mostly… Keep Reading

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Swooper no Swooping!: a response to Corbani

When I finished “Delving into the ethics of swooping,” Tom Corbani’s column in last week’s Phoenix, I found myself rather puzzled. I admit, it does make sense to question and counter the legitimacy of the stigma that seems so desperately attached to the act of swooping. HOWEVER. I personally find it hard to believe that… Keep Reading

Swoggles, Swooping and Sex Positivity: A Newcomer’s Guide to Sex at Swarthmore

Welcome, first-years and transfers! And congratulations. After months of jumping through multiple flaming hoops to study for every standardized and nonstandardized test imaginable, you have finally made it. YOU ARE AT SWARTHMORE NOW. And as you begin to unpack that massive piece of luggage into which you somehow managed to fit the majority of your… Keep Reading

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