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What do I? How do I? Your sex questions answered

I’ll be dedicating this week’s column to answering reader questions. You can submit your questions anonymously online at swarthmorephoenix.com/sexed. What do you do when you walk in on your parents having sex? Oh, that’s a sticky situation — in more ways than one! I know that it can be hard the first time you realize… Keep Reading

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Reading at Swarthmore in the digital publishing age

Like a Triple-A creeper, your beautiful columnist has hunted down the people on campus who use e-readers, invading their personal space for your edification. I talked to these individuals with the goal of discovering 1) What devices they used, 2) Their e-reading experience and 3) Whether they use them for school. By checking in with… Keep Reading

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When TV hits the big screen…to film or not to film?

The trend of continuing a popular television series as a feature film is by no means a new phenomenon in the entertainment industry. After all, the bizarrely successful “Batman” series of the 1960’s spawned its own equally bizarre 1966 movie starring the legendary Adam West. Nevertheless, there does seem to be an increasing move to… Keep Reading

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The banana of my eye: vegan banana oatmeal cookies

Fruits add such a nice touch to basically everything. Whether they comprise a colorful centerpiece on a table, decorations on a mardi gras hat or a sweet way to end a meal, fruits come in handy in so many ways. Speaking of which, I am personally biased in favor of fruit-related desserts. Fruit-based tarts, muffins,… Keep Reading

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How to succeed in Hollywood without really trying

I am consistently mystified by the American box office — and not just those absurd moments when soul-dismemberingly bad movies retain the number-one slot for a second weekend (2008’s “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” or Nick Cage’s 2007 “Ghost Rider” — ugh). No, more than finding box office returns lamentable or laughable like so many critics and… Keep Reading

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Heed the warning: a “Black Swan” is soon approaching

“We have never lived before under the threat of a global collapse. The financial ecology is swelling into gigantic, incestuous, bureaucratic banks — when one fails, they all fall. We have moved from a diversified ecology of small banks, with varied lending policies, to a more homogeneous framework of firms that all resemble one another.… Keep Reading

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