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Celebrating the cuisine of Philly women

As most of you know by now, my favorite thing to do is restaurant hop and exploring different cuisines, and today we are going to celebrate two women who are both business and life partners and have significantly contributed to Philadelphia’s restaurant scene: Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran.  These women are responsible for some of… Keep Reading

Sex and the Swattie

  Hi, friends. This is a sex column, and I’m going to be talking about sex today, but not as a good thing. I’ve had a very unhealthy relationship, often addiction-like, with sex, that I still sometimes fight to overcome. This column is going to be about that, and how I fell into it, mostly… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Columns

Message received

Hey all you beautiful swatties, I’m your new trend/fashion/culture columnist. Extremely excited and honored as I am to write you guys about fashion, I still feel reluctant to call myself a fashion columnist. I’ve never read a single issue of Vogue, nor have I ever followed any supermodel on Instagram. I might be able to… Keep Reading

Biochem research with Meghann Kasal

  This week, I talked to Meghann Kasal ’17, who does research with Professor Stephen Miller in the biochemistry department. Kasal’s work centers around bacterial communication, specifically with a process called quorum sensing. In quorum sensing, bacteria produce molecules called autoinducers. The greater the density of bacterial cells, the greater the concentration of autoinducers, and… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Columns/Swassip Girl

Screw your roommate from the sidelines

  If Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love and affection, then Screw Your Roommate — a celebration of the awkward, the flirtatious, the unknown, the sexually tense — is an apt precursor. Most relationships, particularly at Swarthmore, are necessarily preceded by an uncomfortable, wishy-washy dance of talking to pseudo-strangers and hoping a cute one… Keep Reading

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