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Hi! Fashion

Dressed to impress at Ride the Tide

Ride the Tide is coming, and the year is going. Walking to brunch with my roommate Sunday morning, I watched her look down at the sports shorts and flannel she was wearing and sigh, “I get proportionally more frat-bro as the weather gets warmer.” But wearing the minimal clothing necessary for lounging in the grass… Keep Reading

What’s Ur Quirk?

This week’s CJ theme is “Quirky.” I was a little baffled when I heard that. I’ve been called quirky enough times to wonder if maybe it’s true, and if maybe my column is in fact actually always quirky. But I think before jumping to conclusions I better define what quirky actually means. Having considered it… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Hi! Fashion

Dapper Dudes

I was sitting around a Sharples dinner table avoiding the 5:00pm darkness today, seeing my friends scarfing down carbs in sweatshirts. Winter is coming. And when the cold hits, one of the first things I want to abandon when relinquishing my fluffy comforter every morning is any clothing that doesn’t approximate that comforter as closely… Keep Reading

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