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What you love to hate about Swarthmore

How better to start an article about hating things than by explaining how much Swatties love to complain? If we simply look at the classic, “Anywhere else, it would’ve been an A,” phrase, a sense of gripe seems to envelope the student population, as though letting out complaints will make their pain a little more… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Endless Possibilities, Aisle One

They say ignorance is bliss. They’re wrong. I’ve been at Swarthmore for nearly four months and I’m here to tell you, that when I went to the Co-Op for the first time on a sunny afternoon in late November and, rid of my ignorance, I experienced true bliss. There’s something magical about the Co-Op. I… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Dominican Nationalism Abroad

I walked into a warm, stuffy room on the third floor of Trotter on Wednesday, Nov. 16. The seminar-style table contained noticeable amounts of food on platters but a distinct lack of other people. Eventually, a few professors walked in, as well as a short, turtleneck-clad man I hadn’t seen before. Dr. Silvio Torres-Saillant, professor… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Teamwork Makes The Steam Work at Kohlberg

There are only four on-campus dining options that students can use on the college meal plan: Sharples Dining Hall, Essie Mae’s Snack bar, and the “coffee bars” stationed in Kohlberg Hall and the Science Center. Each has its own specific clientele, set of unspoken rules, and its own micro-culture. It’s common knowledge that you have… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal


On a cold, rainy, October night – one of the last cold, rainy, October nights – a group of people gathered behind Parrish to escape the rain. They mulled over, reminisced about old memories, laughed. They lit sparklers, took pictures. After the pictures, the group of people proceeded to go inside Parrish where a breadth… Keep Reading

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