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Philly artist talks ceramics and seduction

Bill Daley is a distinguished ceramicist and beloved teacher who has been creating vessels for years. His works are often large and richly textured, imbued with symbolic meaning and allusions to the functions such vessels have served over the course of time. He has exhibited at and been collected by institutions such as the Los… Keep Reading


‘Disasters and Rebuilding’ exhibit emphasizes connection between Tri-Co and Japan

When we think about Japanese disasters, we don’t usually think about Swarthmore’s efforts towards rebuilding the nation. Walking into McCabe last Sunday, however, I was surprised at the depth of the connection between the Tri-Co community and Japan. “Disasters and Rebuilding in Japan: Perspectives and Testimonies from the Tri-Co Collection” was an exhibition that traced… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Arts

Motley Shakespearean crew graces Tarble for Night of Scenes

Last weekend, a motley crew of Shakespearean actors gathered together as part of the Yellow Stockings Players’ annual Night of Scenes. A familiar space for most of us, Upper Tarble was transformed into the backdrop for diverse scenes from Henry V, Richard III, Julius Caesar and The Tempest. Directed by Jamie Burke ‘15, the first… Keep Reading

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An Innate Compulsion to Create

For my last Phoenix column this semester, I decided to highlight another talented Swattie whose work I’ve seen splashed across my Facebook feed for over a year.  Molly Lichten ‘15 is a top-notch photographer, majoring in neuroscience, whose images are heart-stoppingly ethereal and magical.  She photographs people, often young women, enveloping them in an environment… Keep Reading

Ampersand Culture/Arts

“Catching Fire” sets up a thrilling franchise finale

“Catching Fire” accomplishes a remarkable feat: it is a genuinely engaging second installment in a trilogy rather than a slogging sophomore entry of filler content and introductions.  An indisputable improvement on the “The Hunger Games”, which was bogged down by exposition and misguided direction, “Catching Fire” transforms a bloated novel into a fast-paced film that… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Arts

Hari Kondabulo’s Race-Conscious Comedy

When comedy writer and stand-up comedian Hari Kondabolu took the stage at the LPAC Cinema on Saturday, November 16, he opened with a joke about the relatively recent Intercultural Center controversy. He said that his act was filled with a lot of commentary on race relations and he hoped that we would like it because,… Keep Reading

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