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An Innate Compulsion to Create

For my last Phoenix column this semester, I decided to highlight another talented Swattie whose work I’ve seen splashed across my Facebook feed for over a year.  Molly Lichten ‘15 is a top-notch photographer, majoring in neuroscience, whose images are heart-stoppingly ethereal and magical.  She photographs people, often young women, enveloping them in an environment… Keep Reading

Ampersand Culture/Arts

“Catching Fire” sets up a thrilling franchise finale

“Catching Fire” accomplishes a remarkable feat: it is a genuinely engaging second installment in a trilogy rather than a slogging sophomore entry of filler content and introductions.  An indisputable improvement on the “The Hunger Games”, which was bogged down by exposition and misguided direction, “Catching Fire” transforms a bloated novel into a fast-paced film that… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Arts

Hari Kondabulo’s Race-Conscious Comedy

When comedy writer and stand-up comedian Hari Kondabolu took the stage at the LPAC Cinema on Saturday, November 16, he opened with a joke about the relatively recent Intercultural Center controversy. He said that his act was filled with a lot of commentary on race relations and he hoped that we would like it because,… Keep Reading

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