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Artist Spotlight: Jacob Oet’s poetic priorities

To describe Jacob Oet ’16 as creative would be an understatement. Dabbling in forms such as photography, film and playwriting, Oet’s pursuits are impressive; however, his main love has always been poetry. Oet is a talented poet who has published five chapbooks and won a slew of awards for his work. Oet began writing recreationally… Keep Reading


Revenge, a dish best served fresh on the Swarthmore stage

When you see primetime news reports about civilian casualties in the Middle East, mass shootings in United States grade schools and movie theaters, and unwarranted law enforcement brutality in urban settings, you don’t think Swarthmore College theater. However, theatre major Josh McLucas ’15 has much to say about the relevance of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus to… Keep Reading


The Crum, brought indoors

  Stacy Levy is an artist entranced with nature and its relationship to the man-made industrial world.  Her pieces of temporary art are intended to be collaborative projects, interactive with nature and the community they exist in. While some pieces of art are made in a studio and shipped to a location, Levy intends for… Keep Reading


A great Grapejam

The Friday evening in the midst of midterms and before the long-anticipated spring break was a popular time for many Swatties to take a break and chill out. They could be found at a fun concert, spending a few moments with friends and loved ones, before diving back into piles of economics graphs or chemistry… Keep Reading


Swarthmore to send five top slam poets to CUPSI showcase

On Saturday, Rose Wunrow ’16 and fellow teammates Haydil Henriquez ’14, Maria Vietyez ’16, Kat Galvis ’17 and George Abraham ’17 amazed a full Science Center 101 with a performance of the work they have prepared to compete at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. This is the third year that Swarthmore will send… Keep Reading

Artist Spotlight/Arts

Artist Spotlight: Rachel Fresques’ balanced ballet

For senior Rachel Fresques, ballet is a balancing act. As one of the most structured forms of dance, its beauty lies in the relationship between form and expression. “I really like that ballet is so structured,” she said. “What I find so beautiful is the clear lines; you know what it’s supposed to look like,… Keep Reading

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