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Four new dancers to join Rhythm ‘n’ Motion company

Four new Swarthmore dancers now join the Tri-College dance company Rhythm n Motion, rooted in raising awareness of the dances of the African Diaspora and other underrepresented genres. Jameson Lisak ’15, John Lim ’16, Gillian Geffen ’16, and Isabel Clay ’17 bring a variety of styles and levels of experience, however all will contribute enthusiasm… Keep Reading


Slam team prepares for national competition

In the season of Golden Globes, Grammys and Oscars, many of us consider what it means to be awarded for one’s writing, performance and collaborative effort. Swarthmore College’s spoken word group, Our Art Spoken In Soul (OASIS), encourages its members to combine these skills to produce works of art unique to each participant and compelling… Keep Reading


East/West exhibit cautions against false notions of superiority

Living in the List Gallery this month are large-scale photographs that explore the meeting of architecture and landscape, growth and decay, industrialism and nature, and the visceral and the unreal. In his East/West exhibit, photographer Andrew Moore, the 2014 Donald J. Gordon Visiting Artist, has brought together photographs taken in Russia, Bosnia and Ukraine with… Keep Reading


Orchestra 2001 pays tribute to MLK through art and music

Classes may have been in session on January 20, but celebrations for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day were in full swing at the Lang Concert Hall last Sunday. The two-hour concert featured Orchestra 2001 performing an array of pieces inspired by and based around the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Founded in 1988 in… Keep Reading


Conspiracy walls: dense information in a loose medium

The common reaction to conspiracy theories is playful, where, similar to showing friends YouTube videos, someone always has one they want to share next. Merriam-Webster defines a conspiracy theory as “a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups,” while Wikipedia defines Conspiracy… Keep Reading

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Philly artist talks ceramics and seduction

Bill Daley is a distinguished ceramicist and beloved teacher who has been creating vessels for years. His works are often large and richly textured, imbued with symbolic meaning and allusions to the functions such vessels have served over the course of time. He has exhibited at and been collected by institutions such as the Los… Keep Reading


‘Disasters and Rebuilding’ exhibit emphasizes connection between Tri-Co and Japan

When we think about Japanese disasters, we don’t usually think about Swarthmore’s efforts towards rebuilding the nation. Walking into McCabe last Sunday, however, I was surprised at the depth of the connection between the Tri-Co community and Japan. “Disasters and Rebuilding in Japan: Perspectives and Testimonies from the Tri-Co Collection” was an exhibition that traced… Keep Reading

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Motley Shakespearean crew graces Tarble for Night of Scenes

Last weekend, a motley crew of Shakespearean actors gathered together as part of the Yellow Stockings Players’ annual Night of Scenes. A familiar space for most of us, Upper Tarble was transformed into the backdrop for diverse scenes from Henry V, Richard III, Julius Caesar and The Tempest. Directed by Jamie Burke ‘15, the first… Keep Reading

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