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An eye-opening walk in the park (or, arboretum)

 The Scott Arboretum is as much a source of beauty as allergic reactions: a collection of taxonomically classified plants. It is accessible to individuals for free at any time, and to organized tour groups according to a regular schedule. On Sunday, September 21, for example, the Arboretum held a guided tour that focused on the… Keep Reading


Behind the scenes at Rhythm n Motion auditions

“I love to dance,” they all said, in various ways. Rhythm n Motion hosted its fall auditions this past Sunday, September 14, from 1:30 to 5 p.m., and my pride was one of its victims. I do not love to dance. Dancing happens to me, uncontrollably, like a disease, whenever I need to shake myself… Keep Reading


Baenziger exhibit sculpts gallery as canvas

Nature is a common subject of art. It is romanticized, rationalized, and splattered into impressionistic dots. Although there are a variety of ways to artistically interpret natural beauty, few ways are as inventive as the approach taken by Markus Baenziger in his new exhibit, “Wayside.” Baenziger, Swiss-born and Brooklyn-based, is on staff at Haverford College… Keep Reading

Artist Spotlight/Arts

On Ian Hoffman ’15, from the poet to the poetry

“I would very much like,” Ian Hoffman ’15 confessed, as we approached the end of the interview, “to stop writing.” Regarding poetry itself: “I don’t think it’s ‘important.’ I like writing it. But it’s not important like ISIS is important.” “I get lost sometimes,” Ian had told me earlier. The Creative Writing Club he founded… Keep Reading


José Galvez’s series disaggregates Latino identity

McCabe rarely gets an exhibit as immediately thought-provoking as the one currently on display. “De Mis Viajes” — “From My Travels” in Spanish — is a photographic exploration by José Galvez of Latin American communities in the United States. The series, organized and curated by Professor Milton Machuca-Gálvez and McCabe Reference and Digital Projects Resident… Keep Reading


Reflecting on 100 days of creativity

Sometimes creativity comes in small spurts. Other times, it takes dedication and a lot of time — 100 days, to be exact. Emma Kates-Shaw ’16 discovered her strengths making an amazing range of art in pursuit of 100 creative days, displaying the bounds of imagination and expanding her abilities as a creator. One hundred-day projects,… Keep Reading


A guided tour through our garden home

“We must cultivate our garden.” The Scott Arboretum is the unacknowledged space that bears the fragrant nectar of Swarthmore College like a rose petal bears a drop of water. Arable space is like poetic space, and the Arboretum that hosts Swarthmore’s 2,000 daily visitors is no different. Ruled by the grammar of sidewalks and the… Keep Reading


Kitao Gallery board recommits to collaboration

Strolling down the path to the west of Sharples, past the grime of the fraternities and the sweat of the tennis courts, one will come upon a discreet stone structure that houses the Kitao Gallery. Intercrossed birch planks tile the floor of the room, dimly glowing from the light that filters through the smudged windows.… Keep Reading

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