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Olde Club basement, a marvel already missed

It has rightly been said that all great party spaces, like works of art, either establish a culture or dissolve one — that they cultivate, in other words, special parties. Among these cases the origins of Olde Club’s charismatic and authentic basement is one of the most unfathomable. From its structure — subterranean cocktail-mixer, bar,… Keep Reading


A masterclass with definitely human pianist Poletaev

“I don’t get —” intervened Ilya Poletaev, pianist extraordinaire, frustrated, with his chin in his hand, brow furrowed. “I am not getting the consistent narrative. Some of it has to do with balance, for example, when you play this —” The melody became immediately deeper, more vibrant, in his hands, compared to those of the… Keep Reading


Galvez giving voice to the disparate diasporic Latino

In José Galvez’s talk on Wednesday, September 24, many of the ambiguities present in the exhibit shown in McCabe’s atrium from August 26 to September 26 were clarified. The talk began with Galvez being introduced by Professor Milton Machuca-Gálvez, who was responsible for bringing the photographer to campus. Machuca-Gálvez answered a few questions prior to… Keep Reading


Between fiction and essay with Xiaolu Guo

The frame of a screen hangs on a wall before several rows of chairs in Swarthmore’s hallowed/multipurpose Eugene Lang Performing Arts Center. Several students and professors are sprinkled about, waiting for the film to begin in an abstract pattern with no reason to it. A student in charge, probably being paid to insert the DVD… Keep Reading


An eye-opening walk in the park (or, arboretum)

 The Scott Arboretum is as much a source of beauty as allergic reactions: a collection of taxonomically classified plants. It is accessible to individuals for free at any time, and to organized tour groups according to a regular schedule. On Sunday, September 21, for example, the Arboretum held a guided tour that focused on the… Keep Reading


Behind the scenes at Rhythm n Motion auditions

“I love to dance,” they all said, in various ways. Rhythm n Motion hosted its fall auditions this past Sunday, September 14, from 1:30 to 5 p.m., and my pride was one of its victims. I do not love to dance. Dancing happens to me, uncontrollably, like a disease, whenever I need to shake myself… Keep Reading


Baenziger exhibit sculpts gallery as canvas

Nature is a common subject of art. It is romanticized, rationalized, and splattered into impressionistic dots. Although there are a variety of ways to artistically interpret natural beauty, few ways are as inventive as the approach taken by Markus Baenziger in his new exhibit, “Wayside.” Baenziger, Swiss-born and Brooklyn-based, is on staff at Haverford College… Keep Reading

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