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Artist Spotlight: Rachel Fresques’ balanced ballet

For senior Rachel Fresques, ballet is a balancing act. As one of the most structured forms of dance, its beauty lies in the relationship between form and expression. “I really like that ballet is so structured,” she said. “What I find so beautiful is the clear lines; you know what it’s supposed to look like,… Keep Reading

Sampling supremacy

The good music of yesterday inspires the great music of today. As the esteemed Q-Tip once said on the legendary Low End Theory Album: “Don’t you know that things go in cycles?” We are reminded most of this reality through the art of sampling in music, both yesterday and today. This week’s feature examines the… Keep Reading


Gender-bending, swashbuckling comedy a must-see

While many Swarthmore students spent their Valentine’s Day getting screwed, I had the luxury of learning to thrust. Yes, that’s right. The cast of this year’s honor’s acting thesis production had me well lubricated with French red wine before drawing swords to demonstrate the perfect stroke. If you would like to witness a shrieking, wailing… Keep Reading

The ‘character and privilege of genius’ comes back to life

Despairing of the writer’s condition under the Soviet Union, Mikhail Bulgakov burned the first draft of “The Master and Margarita” in 1930. Today, with the newest Penguin edition safely tucked away on our bookshelves, we can look back and imagine what might have been. “Master” coined the revolutionary-era phrase “Manuscripts don’t burn,” a saying of… Keep Reading


Michaela Shuchman ’16 will use Lang Scholarship to bring Theater to Philly Schools

Last week, six sophomores were given the Eugene M. Lang Opportunity Scholarship to undertake social action projects across the globe. The scholarship, given annually, offers students the chance to design and implement projects that tackle important issues in the community. Prospective Lang Scholars have to pass a rigorous selection criteria, demonstrating academic excellence coupled with… Keep Reading

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