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Fashion Forays

My friend and I published our first fashion catalogue when we were eight years old. With some old stubby pencils, we scrawled dresses, shirts, and heels on crinkled printer paper. After stapling the sheets together, we proudly wrote our names on the first page, just as Christian Dior or Coco Chanel would sign off on… Keep Reading


Making the Best of It: Lessons from a Tangled Mess

Over break I started on something years in the making: “The Icarus Shawl.”When completed, I will have my own pair of golden, lacy wings connected by a feathered back and tail. From the moment I found the pattern and accompanying photos I knew I had to make it. At the time, however, I was an… Keep Reading


The 90th Academy Awards: Anti-Trumpians, Inclusion Riders, and Fish Sex

  The 90th Academy Awards show, with record low telecast viewership, was both politically pointed and predictable. According to the Associated Press, 26.5 million people watched the Oscars on March 4, 2018, marking a 20 percent decline from the 33 million who watched the 89th Academy Awards. Conservative media sources blamed the decline in viewership… Keep Reading


Making the Best of It: Crochet Resources

Whether you believe or not, spring break is finally within reach! Ten days of free time, here we come! With all that free time, it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby that will give you a break from all that mind-numbing reading and help keep you awake in lectures once we’re forced… Keep Reading


The Longer the Better? Albums and Music in the Age of Streaming

  On Jan. 26, Migos released “Culture II,” the sequel to their 2017 hit “Culture.” In many ways, “Culture II” sounded exactly like its predecessor, with its palette of moody trap beats, A-list features, triplet flows, and a healthy collection of Audemars Piguet watches. However, the two projects had one major difference: their length. Running… Keep Reading


David Corcoran: A Life in Journalism

Last Friday, nearly 60 people huddled in the Lang Performing Arts Center Cinema. Some were there to hide from Winter Storm Riley and the accompanying blackout afflicting other parts of campus. Others were there for the free dinner and complimentary copy of “The New York Times Book of Science.” Everyone, however, was eagerly awaiting a… Keep Reading


The Power of Women: The Red Lips Project

On Friday, Feb. 23, I walked from Parrish to one of my favorite places on campus: the Women’s Resource Center. As I got closer, I could see the strings of light hanging in the windows of the second floor contrasting with the darkness of the evening.  When I entered, I was greeted by the comfortable… Keep Reading


Profiles in Art: Gene Witkowski

Art can be a powerful tool for reaching many goals, including empowerment and personal growth. Gene Witkowski ̕ 21, a prospective music and math major, finds these and other qualities of art in his music. When I interviewed Witkowski to showcase his talent, he was genuine and candid, providing a beautiful look into the arts… Keep Reading

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