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The Great Philadelphia Comic Con!

It took two and a half hours, three buses, and a minor accommodation crisis, but I made it to the 2017 Philadelphia Comic Con just in time for my first volunteer shift on Friday afternoon. Having neither volunteered at nor attended a fan convention before, I was almost vibrating out of my jeans and official… Keep Reading


Poetry and Phenomenon with Luke Fischer

I’m not sure if I’m alone in this opinion, but Swarthmore’s Ville is a liminal space. Once you cross the train tracks, there’s a sense of light disorientation that I typically associate with ending up at a Target right before it’s closing, or pulling into a Waffle House. The laws of reality seem to be… Keep Reading


TCGM Opens with New Show

The exhibitions I have previously covered were engaging and groundbreaking in their own ways, but nonetheless took place in older institutions that operate within the limits of established art-viewing practices. This week, I got to experience something truly radical and revolutionary when I visited The Colored Girls Museum in Philadelphia to see their new show,… Keep Reading


Take the Plunge: Works of Donna Jo Napoli and David Wiesner

The newest exhibition in McCabe’s lobby shines a spotlight on the works of Professor Donna Jo Napoli of the Linguistics Department and three-time Caldecott Medal-winning author and illustrator David Wiesner. In conjunction with the newly released “Fish Girl,” a collaborative work by Napoli and Wiesner, “Take the Plunge” features Napoli’s first draft of the manuscript… Keep Reading


Be a Flâneur at The Barnes

Have you ever tried to imagine what certain cities were like a century ago? That’s New York without the Empire State Building, minus about two million people, and before the Civil Rights Movement and 9/11. Many cities have profoundly changed throughout the last century, making them a popular subject for contemporary art, be it directly… Keep Reading


Environment and Culture: Bode Wang’s photography of the Miao people

Recently students at Swarthmore have had a beautiful accompaniment while studying for midterms and churning out essays in McCabe’s second floor Cratsley Lounge across the large globe. Colorful windows into a pastoral life hang on the walls contrasting the familiar picture outside of the frame of students with readings strewn across the blue couches and… Keep Reading


The Story of Slepoi

Aaron Slepoi ’17’s contribution to the arts at Swarthmore has spanned four years and countless projects in Swarthmore’s Music Department. From his work as a clarinetist in the College Orchestra to his role as an operations intern for Orchestra 2001, Slepoi has participated in a wide number of music productions at Swarthmore. “It is hard… Keep Reading


PAFA Remembers WWI

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “war art”? I’m not sure why, but I used to be (and still am) slightly averse to it. Maybe it was the dark humor of twentieth century war literature, or maybe it had something to do with an internalized false dichotomy between aesthetics and politics. Some… Keep Reading

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