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Love and Madness

Walking into the concert hall one is first struck by how the crowd seems to comprise mostly those balding and/or with snowy white hair. It was almost as if I accidentally walked into a social function for the hip above-60s. I noticed a man in his mid-70s sporting a red knit sweater and a crinkled… Keep Reading


Mandalas and Microcosms at the Black Cultural Center

This past Saturday, the Black Cultural Center saw students and faculty gathered around tables stacked with tubs of acrylic paints and mason jars filled with bouquets of paintbrushes as it hosted artist and art therapist S. Ross Browne for the Therapeutic Abstract Art Workshop. Working in the Richmond, Virginia Area, Browne has created breathtaking and… Keep Reading

Artist Spotlight/Arts

Bright pants, bright future

Dyami Andrews ’19, a student from the Bay Area, who can often be seen around campus with his bright and bold pants, which are equally as bright as his passion for art. He is currently pursuing a double major in engineering and studio art.  With a lot of encouragement from his parents Andrews has cultivated… Keep Reading


Swarthmore Concert Series Presents: Altair and Bazmati Vice

As part of Swarthmore College’s Concert Series, the Feb. 17th concert included Altair and Bazmati Vice, bands composed of students from Swarthmore and other schools. Swarthmore students gathered at Olde Club at 9:30 pm, as the final stages of preparation were underway. The audience filed towards the front of the stage, as the band Altair… Keep Reading


Restoring Restorations with Bryn Mawr’s Genji Screen

“The flowers were falling. I know cherry blossoms usually fall in one or two weeks but these looked rusted with cigarette smoke,” conservator Yoshi Nishio noted as a close-up of Bryn Mawr’s Genji Screen is shown before his restoration work. This past Monday, Bryn Mawr College hosted conservator Yoshi Nishio for a lecture concerning his… Keep Reading


A SSUCC-y Valentine’s Day

This past Friday, Kitao hosted Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club for the event A SSUCC-y Valentine’s Day.This event was a SSUCC showcase, of which all of the performers at showcase are current members of SSUCC and attend weekly workshops. Kitao’s comfortable interior created an intimate setting as the gallery was filled by audience members. The… Keep Reading


“Sugarcoated Arsenic” Doesn’t Sugarcoat its Material

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in Science Center room 101 for a screening of “Sugarcoated Arsenic,” a film by University of Virginia Associate Professor of African American and African Studies and History Claudrena Harold, and U.Va Professor of Art Kevin Jerome Everson, on Feb. 6. The title, “Sugarcoated Arsenic,” is a term used by Vivian… Keep Reading


Jazz Improvisor Caine visits Swarthmore

This past weekend, the college welcomed jazz improvisor Uri Caine to campus. The Philadelphia-native attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied music composition, and then moved to New York in 1985, after which he recorded over thirty projects. These projects include his characteristic jazz arrangements of Mozart, Bach, and Wagner. During his weekend at… Keep Reading

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